Welcome to Opti-Gone International

Home of the Original Mirage

Welcome to Opti-Gone International

Home of the Original Mirage

Mirage® Volumetric Display:
World’s Most Realistic 3-D Hologram Maker

Opti-Gone International is home to the Mirage® Volumetric Display: World’s Most Realistic 3-D Hologram Maker. Made in the USA. Don’t be fooled by imitators.

A Few of Our Prestigious Clients

Sky Mall
Autism Society
Beaumont childrens museum
Camera Obscura
Bristol Myers
Croatia Illusion Museum
Disney Magic Kingdom
The Discovery Center
Illusion Museum

The Giant Mirage Thrill Crowds in Museums
with World’s Best 3-D Illusion

 The Giant Mirage can be seen at:
  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Wyoming, USA
  • Camera Obscura Museum – Scotland
  • Childrens Museum – Cairo, Egypt
  • Colleton Museum – South Carolina, USA
  • Council of Pushpa Gujlndiaral Science – India
  • Discovery Center – Ventura, USA
  • Discovery Museum of Tampere – Finland
  • Glasgow Science Museum – Scotland
  • History Museum at the Castle – Wisconsin, USA
  • Hong Kong Science Museum – Hong Kong
  • Iluseum – Belgium
  • Imagine Children’s Museum – Washington, USA
  • Museen der Stadt Dresden – Germany
  • Mussee Suisse de l’Appareil – Switzerland
  • National Council of Science Museums – India
  • National Science Museums – Korea
  • National Library Board – Singapore
  • Pompeii Museum – Italy
  • Powerhouse Museum – Australia
  • Qanater Children’s Museum – Egypt
  • Queen Victoria Museum – Tazmania
  • QUESTACON – Australia
  • Underwater Museum – Bermuda
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Spain
  • Science Center Immaginario Scientifico – Italy
  • Science Spectrum – Texas, USA

Actual photo as seen by the human eye.
There is nothing in the circle but an illusion!
And, it is visible from 360º.

Want to know more about the Giant Mirage?

For Tradeshow Exhibitors,

The Giant Mirage Stops Crowds in Their Tracks

The Giant Mirage® hologram maker has been a consistent crowd pleaser at tradeshows worldwide since 1992. In an environment where merely to capture a fewseconds of an attendee’s time as he/she bustles down an aisle is considered a success, the Giant Mirage®has the power to stop people in their tracks as they marvel in fascination at the lifelike illusions it creates.

Our great diversity of clients over the years have used our revolutionary technology to promote everything from cosmetics to automobiles, surgical stents to small craft fittings, tobacco products to industrial lubricants, electronic chips to software applications, and timepieces to corneal implants.

We, at Opti-Gone International, have long experience working imaginatively with exhibit designers to achieve effects and results far beyond the expectations of our reasonably priced products.

“First of all, I must say, thanks to you, we were able to finish the lipstick launching show successfully.

It was the event for local cosmetic brand called ‘Amore Pacific’. You are not familiar with this company but it is the number one cosmetic brand in Korea and It has its branch store in Soho, NewYork.

All attendants and the related people from Amore Pacific were so impressed by your giant mirage.

As I promised, I send you the pictures that shows how the lipstick displayed using your giant mirage. Please see the attachment.

I may contact you again for my further purchase.

I thank you again for your kindness.”

Jiwon Kang

Wiz Plan, Korea


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