Air and heating company Hoval of Liechtenstein uses the Giant Mirage®, bringing this amazing hologram exhibit to the small and picturesque alpine principality.

We heard from Hoval: “Your Giant Mirage came within a few days – very fast shipping from US to Liechtenstein – really great. Now I brought it to our office – it’s amazing!! Such cool stuff!! Although it’s not cheap it’s worth every cent !!!! Thank you very much for your great service!”

hoval-logo Hoval facility uses hologram exhibit

When it comes to indoor climates, Hoval have the answers. Our high-tech indoor climate solutions use products and systems that generate heat and/or cooling with maximum efficiency – and with low emission levels that help conserve the world’s dwindling resources and protect the environment. But that’s not all. Hoval also has the answers when it comes to fostering a harmonious, productive working environment and transforming corporate visions into a source of inspiration for every single employee, using technologies such as a hologram exhibit.

Conservation of energy – protection of the environment.Take us at our word!

Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources are at the centre of our corporate development – helping to save you money and sparing raw materials. We offer individual solutions tailored to our customer’s requirements. It goes without saying that this also means providing systems that are easy to commission and operate.

Large buildings such as supermarkets and high-rises, but also smaller structures like nursery schools and offices, usually rely on a multitude of components for heating, cooling and ventilation. Combining these into an intelligent network creates a kind of ecosystem that makes optimal use of energy.

And they love using the success they have had to do something good for others. The Yana children’s foundation is just one example of where they have given their help.

With around 1900 employees worldwide, Hoval is more than just a company. It is a large family that thinks and acts globally. Hoval works with passion, character, commitment and enthusiasm to make our customers enthusiastic about our practical solutions and products.