Opti-Gone International wishes to thank Klaus Wiebel from Breisach am Rhein, Germany for being good enough to share his experience with a most creative application of the Giant Mirage®. Klaus can tell you in his own words:

“Wir stellen den ”Giant Mirage” in einer etwas abgelegenen Ecke auf und beobachten die Betrachter: Immer wieder schaut sich jemand verstohlen um und greift dann blitzschnell nach der Dollarnote, die oben auf der Abdeckscheibe zu liegen scheint. Das enttäuschte Gesicht danach und der Kontrollblick, ob es jemand bemerkt hat, das ist einfach köstlich!”

“We put up the ”Giant Mirage” in a place a little bit remoted und we observe the visitors. Again and again someone looks around furtively and tries to grab ”like lightning” the dollar that seems to be upon the cover. The disappointed face and the check around (“did someone observe me?”) are really amusing!”

One of the most delightful aspects of the Giant Mirage® is the feature of interactivity. With a typical hologram it is a one way experience, the observer simply sees the 3D effect but has no way to interact with it. What makes the Giant Mirage® experience so special is the way Klaus has described it above. It is really remarkable to reach for a “solid object” and feel your fingers go right through it.

Probably the most compelling aspect of the Giant Mirage® is that no one ever forgets having had this experience. This is the closest thing to pure “magic” that one is ever likely to encounter. Although this is not magic in the usual sense, the effect created is both baffling and amazing. Not to mention the pure delight that it creates.

So when considering a new exhibit for your museum, the Giant Mirage® could be just what you need. Contact us now for cost and details.