2017 marks 25 years since Disney bought its first Giant Mirage for installation as a Giant Mirage Exhibit in Disney World, Orlando, FL. Since then, they have featured the Giant Mirage® at Disneyland, California and Disney, Tokyo and other traveling exhibits.

Disney Parks are well known for their exhibits that employ the most advanced technologies. So it was only natural that when Disney found our Giant Mirage, that they would be the first theme park to present it to their visitors. Disney found an excellent use for it in the Pavillion called Toon Town.

To give an idea of how the Giant Mirage was used, picture a table with a checkered white and red tablecloth.  Resting on the table is a large tray with a display of chocolate cookies. In the center of that tray are several cookies that really are not there, although they appear to be. What the visitors see, or think they see, is a tray full of cookies! However, the magic is that the several cookies in the center are a hologram of the cookies. Any attempt to touch them would find the visitor’s fingers passing right through the illusion.

In their traveling show, used to promote the Eddie Murphy movie “Haunted House”, the Giant Mirage exhibit was used to great advantage. The Disney designers selected a skeleton key as the spooky object that visitors could not touch. The exhibit was quite successful with the crowds and brought a great deal of attention to the movie.

Considering the modest cost of a Giant Mirage exhibit and the tremendous WOW factor, it is probably the most cost effective in the world. There are hologram technologies available from various companies at costs exceeding 10-50 times that of the Giant Mirage. And frankly because of the interactive nature of a Giant Mirage® exhibit, it leaves the visitor with an unforgettable experience.



Giant Mirage exhibit Disney World