OptiGone International’s very first customer for the Giant Mirage® 3D hologram maker was Gulf Oil Corporation in 1991.The Exhibit Manager wanted some way to create excitement at their trade show booth in which they wanted to introduce a new lubricant. Ordinarily there are few things more boring than a lubricant. So what to do?

Gulf Oil uses 3D hologram maker technology

After considerable discussion we came up with the idea of placing a blob of this grease in such a way as to appear in the center of the viewing area of the Giant Mirage®. The idea was to invite people to touch the blob in order to feel how remarkably smooth this new lubricant was. Of course, it was so “smooth” that they could not even feel it. This miracle of our 3D hologram maker was a great hit at the trade show. We were told that the reaction from attendees was dramatic. Attempting to touch the blob and finding that their fingers went right through it, there was childlike delight! Attendees kept bringing friends over to “touch” this amazing new lubricant. A favorable and indelible impression was made. We don’t know whether sales increased or not, but we do know that Gulf took the exhibit on the road to many trade shows and it may still be in use to this day. The fact that the Giant Mirage® is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, and has a small footprint (22″ in diameter), makes it easily portable.

Over the years our clients have had requirements often as challenging as the one presented to us by Gulf Oil. For example, everything from Ocular Implants to VW automobiles. Opti-Gone International has so far been able to meet all challenges as they came along. If your company has an unusual need or story to tell, contact us to discuss how the Giant Mirage® could work for you.

Read more about their lubricants at: https://www.gulfoil.com/ProductsServices/Lubricants.aspx