A driverless coffin that blasts out music and projects a 3D illusion (hologram) of the deceased onto the ground in front of it could be used for funerals in the future. While most people imagine being carried to the grave in a black hearse, the “Aeternal” casket from Mumbai-based agency Lunatic Koncepts is essentially a refrigerated glass casket on wheels. Featuring navigation technology similar to that used in driverless cars, mourning relatives would be able to pre-program the route, speed and destination into the coffin’s dashboard.It also comes equipped with multimedia fittings, such as a surround-sound music system and hologram projector, which could stream images onto the ground, according to Lunatic Concepts. A description on the product’s website boasts that the Aeternal is “made to be manoeuvrable in places like the funeral home, the church, and the cemetery”.

“It can slowly rotate and execute manoeuvres in tight spots since it’s equipped with mecanum wheels, which move independently from one another, giving a wider range of movement to this 3D illusion,” the site states.

“It can fit in any space and won’t damage the floors.”

The Aeternal, which is currently only a concept, is based on an earlier prototype called the Korbiyor. Lunatic Koncepts currently has no plans to put this 3D illusion technology into production.

“Aeternal’s concept simply tries to imagine how today’s hearses could evolve with integrated driverless technology, robotics, and multimedia,” the company said

Driverless coffin 3D illusion

Driverless coffin

“It tries to celebrate the departed in a new way.”

Lunatic Koncepts has previously partnered with Bombardier on a concept called the Antipode – a supersonic jet designed to fly from New York to London in 11 minutes.

The Antipode is equipped with rocket boosters that would lift the aircraft to an altitude of 40,000 ft. Scramjet engines would then ignite, accelerating the aircraft up to Mach 24 – or 18,415 mph.

An aircraft has a nozzle in its nose that would scoop-up air to cool the aircraft, using NASA’s Long Penetration Mode concept.

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