The Maloka interactive center in Bogotá (Colombia) has acquired five Christie Mirage 304K stereoscopic Mirage projectors to equip its 3D immersive dome for screening educational content associated with science and technology.

The Maloka Dome in Columbia with Mirage projectors

With 20 million pixels and 8K resolution, Maloka is now one of only seven domes of its kind in the world with this advanced capacity for audiovisual presentations.

Eighteen years after it first opened, the revolutionary Maloka dome, seating 314 spectators, has recently been refurbished and upgraded to digital. Once South America’s first dome with a giant screen, with images projected using the 70 millimeters format, it has now replaced an 8/70 projector with which it began operating in 1998 for five Christie Mirage 304K Mirage projectors featuring 3DLP technology and 30,000 lumens.

The curved screen has a diameter of 22 meters and completely covers the 180 degree dome, producing a sensation of total immersion in movies and shows. Each of the five Mirage projectors covers 20 percent of the dome, producing a jaw-dropping 150,000 lumens on the screen.

Maloka has also incorporated 3D, using active glasses. The change in technology gives spectators a chance to submerge themselves in a magical dimension and embark on an infinite voyage of sensations and perceptions.

The integral refurbishment of the dome was undertaken by the Swedish company Sciss, experts in solutions for planetariums. In fact, the dome uses Uniview, a revolutionary data visualization platform with software from Sciss for the integrated management of projections and presentations. And the dome is equipped with Crown amplifiers and speakers that produce 30,000 watts of surround sound.

“It’s a very powerful projector that is proving to be very successful. It is well-built, robust and durable and delivers the quality of image and brightness we were looking for. It produces over 20 million pixels on screen with 8K resolution and outstanding brightness in both 2D and 3D,” says Cristina Colimon, Maloka’s Director of Operations.

“We are delighted that our 3D projectors from the Mirage Series are powering such a unique, innovative space in Latin America like Maloka. The reality is that the Mirage 304K has fast become the benchmark projector for large-format stereoscopic projections,” says Diego López, Christie General Manager for NOLA.

Thanks to its unique 4K and 120Hz projection system and Christie TruLife electronic technology, the Mirage 304K generates incredible images and color reproduction in immersive, ultra-bright 3D environments. Performing in any direction, the Christie Mirage 304K can be mounted and operated in any orientation for increased design and installation flexibility.

This is not Maloka’s first experience with Christie projectors. Besides the dome, the center has another 3D auditorium with a flat screen fitted out with a Christie CP2000 projector. “Maloka placed its trust 100% in Christie,” says Colimon. “The Christie CP2000 in the 3D auditorium has proved completely reliable since we installed it eight years ago.”

For the first shows following its recent reopening, the Domo D 8K, as the dome is now called, is presenting educational films Hábitat Tierra, Regreso a la luna and Astronautas por accidente. In addition, the dome regularly organizes meetings with experts from all over the world, interconnections with other domes and immersive multi-screen events in a completely digital platform, as well as offering its installations for immersive corporate presentations.

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