Don’t Be Fooled by Desktop Imitations!

Don’t Be Fooled by Desktop Imitations!

There are a couple of cheaply made (and cheaply sold) imitation Mirage®s that show up occasionally on websites, and are promoted using various names.

The sellers of these products often make efforts to deceive the uninformed buyer into believing they are offering the real “Made in USA” Mirage®. How do they do this?

Wording (product description) is “borrowed” from Opti-Gone International’s website.

Photo of the fake Mirage mimics the look of Opti-Gone’s.

Some photos will go so far as to show the imitation product displaying the pink piggy which we have always given free with each real Mirage®.
But most telling of all – THE CHEAP PRICE – should be your warning.

Opti-Gone International has been making Mirages® for over 35 years. Our product is NOT a toy nor a gimmick. It is a precision optical device and has always been manufactured in the USA to exacting standards and exacting quality control.

Now you know. . .

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. ~Philip K. Dick