Museums Thrill Crowds
with World’s Best 3-D Illusion

Can be seen at:
  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Wyoming, USA
  • Camera Obscura Museum – Scotland
  • Childrens Museum – Cairo, Egypt
  • Colleton Museum – South Carolina, USA
  • Council of Pushpa Gujlndiaral Science – India
  • Discovery Center – Ventura, USA
  • Discovery Museum of Tampere – Finland
  • Glasgow Science Museum – Scotland
  • History Museum at the Castle – Wisconsin, USA
  • Hong Kong Science Museum – Hong Kong
  • Iluseum – Belgium
  • Imagine Children’s Museum – Washington, USA
  • Museen der Stadt Dresden – Germany
  • Mussee Suisse de l’Appareil – Switzerland
  • National Council of Science Museums – India
  • National Science Museums – Korea
  • National Library Board – Singapore
  • Pompeii Museum – Italy
  • Powerhouse Museum – Australia
  • Qanater Children’s Museum – Egypt
  • Queen Victoria Museum – Tazmania
  • QUESTACON – Australia
  • Underwater Museum – Bermuda
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Spain
  • Science Center Immaginario Scientifico – Italy
  • Science Spectrum – Texas, USA



Actual photo as seen by the human eye.
There is nothing in the circle but an illusion!
And, it is visible from 360º.

Camera Obscura
Michael Levin

Opti-Gone International
“The Mirage Makers”
402 West Ojai Avenue PMB 511
Ojai, CA 93023 USA

22 April 2004

Dear Michael

I just wanted to let you know how popular the 22 inch Mirage® has been with our visitors ever since we installed it a couple of years ago. Just about every visitor is intrigued by it, most are truly amazed, and it works for young and old and everyone in between, of every nationality. It is definitely one of the “Wows” in our exhibition of illusions and gives a great deal of pleasure. Like the best exhibits it is very simple. It has worked even better since we lit it with two framing projector lights which light the objects inside with pinpoint accuracy.This give appropriate spotlighting to the floating objects, rather than the box we built around the mirage.

So thanks again for a great exhibit,

Yours sincerely

Camera Obscura

Andrew Johnson


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