Optical Illusions vs. Mirage® Phenomenon

In the simplest terms an optical Illusion is anything that fools one’s eyes and mind into a false perception of reality.

There are different types of optical Illusions, most of which are based upon precise drawings, photographs, or unusual solid objects.  Additionally there is an entire technology we know as holograms, which are film-based illusions.  And then there is Mirage®.

Mirage®  differs from all other kinds of optical Illusions in that the image produced is without question identical to a solid object but that object can be changed in just seconds without any technical training whatever. The secret to the Mirage technology is its creation of what is called in optics a “real image.”  Such images are perceived by the viewer to exist in three-dimensional space, as contrasted with a “virtual image” that we see when looking into a conventional mirror. Mirage® uses two opposed parabolic mirrors of a patented design to create its magic, and offers the most compelling optical Illusion of any technology existing today.

As you can see from the adjacent samples of different types of optical illusions they vary, however none begins to approach the sheer magic and reality of the Mirage® technology.

Because the best that your computer screen can do is to approximate the 3D look of the Mirage® image, it can never be fully appreciated unless actually experienced in person. We hope that you will order one and see for yourself.


Actual photo as seen by the human eye.
There is nothing in the circle but an illusion!
And, it is visible from 360º.
Model 22 Giant Mirage®


An optical illusion. The square A is exactly the same shade of gray as square B.


A scintillating grid illusion. Shape, position, colour, and 3D contrast converge to produce the illusion of black dots at the intersections.


Reversible figures and vase.


Floor tiles at the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. The pattern creates an illusion of three-dimensional boxes.


Ponzo Illusion



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