The Giant Mirage at Burningman

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Giant Mirage® work?
To achieve these effects, the Giant Mirage® utilizes a patented technology of two concealed, opposing parabolic mirrors. In overall appearance, the Giant Mirage® resembles a UFO Spacecraft with a 6-inch circular opening in the top. The physical object to be converted to a hologram is placed in the concave center of the bottom mirror. A hologram instantly projects up through this aperture, appearing to the viewer as a truly solid object – viewable from 360˚.

Where can I see a Giant Mirage®?
Disney parks and installations at over 100 museums worldwide.
How about universities and schools?
There are many but we have no way of knowing what departments are displaying the Giant Mirage® at any particular time.
Is special lighting or power required?
No. Ambient light (room lighting) is usually fine, but it can be supplemented with a small spotlight.
How does the Giant Mirage® technology compare with conventional film holography?
Although both technologies have their pros and cons the Giant Mirage® has the advantage of reproducing an object in its exact 1:1 ratio size – and exact full colors. Unlike film holography it can be viewed from 360 degrees. And, the Giant Mirage® offers the compelling experience of being 3-D INTERACTIVE.
Is it possible to change the object and illusion if I wish?
Yes, and it takes less than a minute to do so. With film holography his is simply NOT possible.
Can I RENT a Giant Mirage® for a trade show?
No, because the rental cost would be almost as much as owning one. And when you own it you can keep it for years and reuse with different objects if your wish.
What about shipping a Giant Mirage® outside the USA?
We have been shipping them to every corner of the globe. In a few instances we have resellers who maintain a small stock of Giant Mirage®s.
Where do you manufacture the Giant Mirage®?
All Opti-Gone International products are manufactured in the USA and have been since 1977.
How fast can you ship a Giant Mirage®?
We always keep them in stock for immediate shipment to any country in the world. Delivery takes usually less than one week.
What are the dimensions of the shipping carton?
24 x 24 x 7 inches (610mm x 610mm x 178mm). Weight is 10 pounds. (4.5 kilos)
What material is used to make the Giant Mirage®?
We use precision acrylic for the substrate and vacuum deposition aluminum for the mirrors.
What is the cost of the Giant Mirage®?
This will vary depending upon the reseller’s landed costs in each country. If there is not yet a reseller in your country we will provide a specific quote when you are ready to investigate further.

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