Universities Demonstrate Principles of Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, Optics, Science and Religion

The Mirage® has been used at the following Universities
  • Assoc. for Advance. of Sci. Culture – Korea
  • Animationsakademin – Sweden
  • Bemidji State University – Minnesota, USA
  • Bharat Jr. College – India
  • Bilkent University – Turkey
  • Bishops Stortford College – UK
  • Calegio Francisco Errasquin Goomez – Mexico
  • Camosun College – Victoria, Canada
  • Centro de Investigaciones en Optica – Mexico
  • Challenger Learning Center – Calif., USA
  • Cosmo Corporation – Korea
  • Fachhochschule Lippe – Germany
  • Fira de la Ciencla – Spain
  • Fundacio Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Spain
  • I.Physikalisches Institut – Germany
  • Kongju National University – Korea
  • Missouri State University – USA
  • Saint Mary’s University – Canada
  • Temasek Polytechnic – Singapore
  • United Technologies Ctr. – Maine, USA
  • Universidad Autonoma Metro – Mexico
  • Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria – Peru
  • University College School – UK
  • University Lille – France
  • University of Antwerpen – Belgium
  • University of California – Berkeley, USA
  • University of California – San Diego, USA
  • University of Hawaii – USA
  • University of Nevada – Reno, USA
  • University of Oxford – UK
  • University of Southampton – UK
  • University of Western Sydney – Australia
  • University of Witwatersrand – So. Africa


There is nothing in the circle but an full color holographic illusion! And, it is visible from 360º.



Mr. Levin,I want to let you know that the Model 22″ Giant Mirage® is the hit of my Science Mike shows. Both kids and adults love to reach out and try to touch the object only to have their fingers pass right through.

Although primarily known as Magic Mike, I become Science Mike for twenty shows a year in libraries and schools and other venues.

I use a small motorized turntable to add motion and enhance the effect. I’ve collected a small assortment of objects that look particularly good including a small Princess Leia Star Wars figure, a model car, a toy tiger cub, and even a lemon. The trick to using large objects like these is to set up the Mirage® a few inches above the table so that the object is inside the opening at the bottom of the Giant Mirage®.

I also own three of the regular size Mirages which I place around to increase the interactive nature of my presentation.

Between shows the Giant Mirage has a permanent place in my living room. I keep the circular glass plate in place to keep out dust most of the time. It is attractive and the illusion still works but when expecting guests I remove it to give the optimal effect

Thanks again for this scientific wonder


Michael Stillwell
Aka Magic Mike
Aka Science Mike